Water Resistant – Each and every watch goes through this test after assembling.  Any suspected leakage will be sent back to the assembly line.Regular cross-testings between different types of  WR testers for symmetric results helps making sure the W/R testers are functioning properly.Plating- 3 different tests are applied to every incoming batch:

  1. a) Polishing test – to measure how many times the plating can stand against certain polishing pressure consecutively until being completely removed.
  2. b) Erosion test – The plated object is put inside a sealed and heated environment of imitation-sweat.
  3. c) Adhesive test – After the plated object is heated by over 200 oC, it is cooled down immediately by cold water. Plating layer would peel off if its attachment is not strong enough. We also do this test by twisting the object.

QA  – A thorough final check of functions and appearance is given before final packing and dispatch.